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(Review from FindMySoft)A lot of computer users agree to the fact that the PDF document format is one of the best. This is due to the fact that PDF files are small in size, can be viewed using an easy to install application and, what's best, they can't be modified. But despite the popularity of PDF files, there is one slight problem and that is how to create these files. One could turn to Adobe Acrobat, which is the standard software for creating PDF documents. Still, the software has some drawbacks. It has a very high price, it needs a fast computer to work properly and it takes a lot of time to be learned properly.

A great solution would be to use PDFTiger, a simple program that can act as a virtual printer, allowing one to create PDF files from virtually any application that supports printing. Installing the software in any version of the Windows operating system shouldn't be a problem, as the software is compatible with versions up to 7. The process of installing the software can be completed by anyone with just a couple of clicks.

Creating PDFs can be done in two ways. Either by using the software's graphical interface or by selecting the virtual printer from the application where the user wants to create the PDF file. Using the interface of PDFTiger, one can create PDFs by simply clicking on one of the graphical buttons included. As such, various text or image files can be used as source for generating PDFs.

Besides creating PDFs from various files and applications, PDFTiger has an even greater functionality. It allows converting PDF files into various formats, like text, image, HTML or Flash files. Using this feature allows adding more PDF files at once and even whole folders that contain PDFs. These files will then be automatically converted into the desired formats, one by one.

It allows creating PDF files from various applications that support the printing feature and also using various documents and image files. Besides that, the interface features some large graphical buttons that allow either converting documents and images into PDF files or transforming PDFs into text, image, HTML or Flash files.

PDFTiger is a true PDF creator that allows you to generate PDF files from various applications and file types.

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